More About Our Washington DC Tours!

Please allow Bi-Partisan Tour Company to be your cure for the common DC tour! A Washington DC tour guide can help you get the most out of any visit in America’s capital city. We’ve created Washington DC tours for guests short on time and for families wanting an entire vacation planned, now we have daily bus tours in DC that will seem like your own private tour of Washington DC.

Our Washington DC tour guides believe that history can be fun, entertaining, and educational. They want the storytelling to drive the tour experience just as much as a visit to one of our many national treasures! Whether it’s a fast paced over before you know it walking tour in DC, one of our many custom designed Washington DC private tours, or the most exciting bus tours in DC, our DC tour guides bring their excitement to every tour.

At Bi-Partisan Tour Company, each Washington DC tour guide earns their way by teaching the history of America one step or vehicle at a time, and our mission is to give every tour in DC with feeling and passion! We offer Washington DC city tours anyone can afford, guide services that can manage the finest detail, ensuring all guests will find our private tours of Washington DC a monumental experience!

Bi-Partisan Tour Company has taken the slow route to be one of the few companies that truly focuses on the customer experience. We only work with guests when we can guarantee their tour experience will have an energetic, engaging, and entertaining guide. We’re not trying to be the biggest tour company in Washington, DC, but we will give the best customer service in the nation’s Capital.

Not only do we care about the tour you take with Bi-Partisan Tour Company, whether it’s our new DC bus tours, private DC walking tours, an incredible biking tour, or multiple day programming utilizing our award winning guide service, we strive to represent the nation’s capital and make sure your entire trip is carefully considered and planned for. Bi-Partisan Tour Company is the only tour company in Washington DC that truly can be the one phone call you make.

We can offer the tour & travel planning for any size group traveling to Washington, DC, the staff at Bi-Partisan Tour Company has an incredible variety of experience from working in education, Olympics, national holiday parades, and international touring. There is no other company that cares more about the guest than we do, we’ve worked with one guest and hundreds, our goal is to maximize the time our guests have to visit the nation’s capital and beyond.

Many of the tour companies in Washington, DC, have owners that are from other states, other countries, or have careers outside of the tour industry. Our management has been raised in the US military, grew up in the metro DC area and went to local universities, or has lived in the city for an extensive time, regardless, our staff strives to exceed your expectations and offers every visitor to the nation’s capital an exceptional tour experience.

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