Bi-Partisan Tour Company excels at working with international schools,our Washington DC tour guides offer an entertaining tour experience for students from other countries, we will give history that is enjoyable and engaging. Each DC tour guide is trained to help our international school groups with time for translations or extended photo opportunities. We strive to highlight any connections between the United States and our friends from around the world!

BiPartisan Tour Company has helped plan many itineraries for international school groups with various levels of guide service in Washington DC, no matter how much time we have with our international schools on student trips to DC,

Bi-Partisan Tour Company hosted a youth soccer team from Blackburn in England, we sure love to share our enthusiasm for American Independence with any of our British friends.

Germany sent a few small student groups to DC, but having lived there, I would like to share in the generosity that was received over there.

Bi-Partisan Tour Company sponsored a Norwegian student abroad program that sent hundreds of students from all over Scandinavia through our team of DC tour guides on their last day in the USA!

For the last few years, our Washington DC tour guides worked with students from China, Brazil, South Korea, thanks to Loyola University of Chicago.

We’ve also helped plan custom DC tours for a Jewish school in Canada going on 5 years as well, including kosher cooking and meals. 

A few of our private DC tour guides have used their language skills for French and Spanish speaking school groups.

Thanks to our partnership with an Indian travel agency, Bi-Partisan Tour Company has enjoyed dozens of DC city tours with schools from all over India.