Travel on one of our student tours to Washington, DC, as some say the heartbeat of America. It’s technically, only the 3rd capital of the US, Washington, DC, is the present seat of the 3 branches of government, represented by the US Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court. The epicenter of American democracy, the U.S. Capitol is an architectural gem, a living museum, and an iconic image of freedom around the world. Washington, D.C. is considered the most beautifully designed capital city in the world, and stands as a timeless combination of geometry and art.

Washington DC is also home of the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, National Zoo, as well as our monuments and memorials to our founding founders and heroes.  Washington DC is the ideal destination for teachers and students to connect with our nation’s history and culture by creating experiences for students that are not only remembered as the best tour in Washington DC, but truly a trip of a lifetime

Sit in on a session of the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives and enjoy a tour of this building’s historic halls. We often give tours of the Smithsonian Museums and many other museums, they provide endless discovery opportunities for any DC student tours. America’s finest monuments and architecture expose your students to the history they represent. Check out our nation’s capital and introduce your students to American politics.

Of course, Bi-Partisan Tour Company believes a school trip to Washington DC should be a part of every American’s educational curriculum! Students, administrators, teachers, and parents will all trace the steps of our founders, witness the modern-day marvels of our nation’s capital, and visiting our museums provides endless discovery opportunities for student groups in DC, but appeal to all ages.

Our experience working with student tours from around the globe, brings a superior service that offers schools the peace of mind and confidence, your students are in good hands. Bi-Partisan Tour Company can coordinate every step for our Washington DC class trips, we offer the flexibility to meet the demands of any tour schedule by meeting groups at airports, hotels, restaurants, museums, metro stations, Union Station, or any other place of convenience.

Many schools want the comfort of having 24 hour guided tours of DC in order to help keep things on schedule, others just need help with planning their itineraries, and have limited DC guide service upon arrival, generally a guided tour of Washington DC on the school group’s first day or night in town to help get oriented around the nation’s capital.

Bi-Partisan Tour Company creates Washington DC student tours that are ideal students interested in American history, government, performing arts, policy, science, technology, and fun!

Our private DC tour guides work easily with drivers to communicate the DC tour itinerary effectively ensuring a smooth tour of Washington DC. Bi-Partisan Tour Company can take care of all the planning when custom designing student trips to Washington DC, many of our private DC tour guides are former teachers and really enjoy making connections for students!